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"...one of those rare events that delight
people of all ages!"
—The Washington Post

Graham Pilato (Don Juan)

Graham PilatoActor and clown, GRAHAM PILATO, got his BA in Dramatic Arts at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and, after a few years as a high school English teacher in Southern Maryland, he then returned to the stage, having now appeared in productions with several of the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area's finest and most adventurous theatres, including Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, Bay Theatre, Constellation Theatre, Happenstance Theater, the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and Molotov Theatre. He is an associated artist with Faction of Fools, DC's Commedia dell'Arte theatre company, currently in residence at Gallaudet University, with which he has so far appeared in “The House with Two Doors,” “Tales of Love and Sausages,” and "Tales of Courage and Poultry." He is a co-founder of, and deviser and performer with, the DC-based interactive theatre and performing arts group, Cloudism, which recently performed its signature happening, "cloudism", at the 2011 Capital Fringe Festival. He also is a regular performer at DC's Clown Cabaret, where his character Nebbishy Neville has been a recurring attraction.

Learn more about Graham at www.grahampilato.com