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Join us for the show that The Washington Post says "... should be part of every family's holiday festivities. ... one of those rare events that delight people of all ages!"

What the Audience is Saying...

The cast of the 2013 Christmas Revels getting ready for a dress rehearsalPhotos by cast member, Joseph Kroupa
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"My friends (I brought 16 of them this year) and I always say, "This was the best Revels ever!" We've been saying that for decades now. This side of Heaven, there's going to be room for improvement -- and you people find it every time."  ~ Vicki R. Herrmann

"We LOVED the show. It was our first time, and I can't believe I've lived in the DC area for 18 years and have never gone. It will become a holiday tradition."  ~ Amy Miller

Desi Jordanoff  dancing to the music of  Lyuben Dossev and Brydyn Weiner"A fabulous experience! We came down from Philadelphia for the show because of theBalkan emphasis, but the show was so outstanding that we look forward to other themes. Breads for the seasonThe whole company (band, singers, choreography, etc.) made this an unforgettable program."
~ Lawrence Schofer

"I am telling friends and family "The Revels were every bit as good as anything you'd see on the New York stage." I brought a 4 year old and wondered if she would be able to sit through-- much to my delight, she was totally mesmerized and did not want the show to end." 
~ Matty Maccaro 

Washington Revels children with surbachka sticks"From my 75 year-old mother-in-law to my two 7-year olds, everyone in my family connects with the magic of this show. I try to explain how the joy of this show lives on throughout the year, but the only people who ever understand are the ones who are smart enough to come see for themselves."  ~ James Clement 

"We thought the performance was one of the best we have witnessed in the 20+ years we have been to Revels. The dancing was wonderful, the children were great, we loved the music. Everything from beginning to end was excellent."  ~ Frances and Denny Gulick

Koledari carolers waiting for their entrance."The costumes were the most dazzling, kids had great roles, the energy was hot. Where else can anyone find Bulgarians, Greeks, and Turks celebrating together?" ~ Michael and Ellen Cronin 

"We thought that the Revels this season was one of the best we have experienced. All are wonderful, but this year, the color, the costuming, the energy, the special edgy and driving tones of the music, the visceral drums made this Revels a winner."  ~ Renee and George Dunham 

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